Jane Nickels
contemporary artist

An optimistic search for universal beauty.

The photo above - Nashville International Airport 

About Me




Growing up in Europe, the USA and Asia, attending high school at the United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA), Singapore. It was at UWCSEA with classmates of 52 nationalities that her personal identity as an artist was formed. Inspired by international experiences, she chooses to use pattern and color presented in a non-figurative format to create art which speaks to a universal aesthetic. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Saint Mary’s College of Notre Dame, Ind. Jane is a resident of Cincinnati, Ohio




Acrylic on canvas is the final form the art takes .  The processes of drawing and printmaking inform every aspect of the work.  Discerning and exploring  pattern, pattern relationships, perspective shifts and global beauty are the foundations of inquiry in my drawings.

Contemporary art, acrylic paintings with an emphasis on pattern and abstractions of pattern sets. An optimistic search for universal beauty.




In the human condition we are alone in our minds, experiencing the world, looking to make sense of it all. Seeing patterns and discovering relationships help us to decode the chaos. Pattern and color presented in a nonfigurative format attempt to filter out cultural bias and the visual experience of region, religion and race. The timeless and universal patterns found in nature and human expression are deconstructed and reformed. Movement created with pattern and color relationships are a reflection of shifts in our global society. 

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